Our Card Connection In Vietnam

In keeping with the humanitarian mission of Love Without Borders, we have chosen as the supplier of our cards a company in Vietnam that also has a humanitarian mission: supporting people with Autism.


Excerpt from the company website:

The biggest difference as a young company is that we always pay attention to community activities. We have a very close friend in Australia who has an 8 years old son suffering autism. Through his story, we acknowledge that this is not a problem of each family, but as a community, we are responsible for sharing the burden and helping others. We desired to contribute in bringing these autism children to become more socialized and helping them with treatment classes. We use a part of our profits to support the autism children in a Center for autism children in Nam Dinh city, Vietnam. Each card purchased brings a small contribution to our efforts in helping these children. In a near future, we are ambitious about settle up a foundation in Hanoi, hosting classes of making handmade cards to help autism children to learn the art, socialize more and even providing handcraft job for women suffering autisms …